VAPING: Popularity and consequences.

      In recent years the vape, a kind of electronic “cigar”, has gained a lot of popularity and its sales have skyrocketed worldwide, with a great demand for both the vape and the various flavors with which you can use it. The main problem with this is that younger and younger users are becoming addicted to it without full understanding the consequences.

It seems that we all have addictions. Which ones are worse than others? Some people say ‘Well, you have to die from something so let me die happy!’  Perhaps they are right. It is all subject to perspective/perception. It just might be wise to choose habits that will make you feel better and get healthier. Anytime you have a habit, good or bad, and you want to remove the habit, you need to find a different habit to take its place.

vaping and vapes at Area 516 Nightclub
Area 516 Nightclub shares dangers of vaping

Many people that go to New York City nightclubs and Long Island nightclubs love to vape. Perhaps when they see other people doing it, it seems like the thing to do. Imagine going into a nightclub and seeing your friends vaping either inside the nightclub or outside. You don’t want to seem like the oddball if they offer you a puff, right? It can be hard, but not impossible to say no.

When you go out, you just want to have a great time, right? Of course! But, consider some things before you take those puffs.

Bringing it to this point of popularity is the widespread belief that steam is less harmful than cigarettes. Whenever you rely on information from the advertisers, you always have to keep your guards up and be careful what you believe. Clever marketers and manufactures are always trying to come up with ways to get you to buy their products. Many buyers rely on those advertisements that claim the safety.

While the World Health Organization (WHO) states that cigarette smoking has declined, e-cigarettes and the non-combustion tobacco industry is growing rapidly around the earth. A trend that is good for those in the business of vaping but the long term consequences of the users might be a concern.

The very popular consulting firm “Ernst & Young” conducted an international survey where they asked the users of the vape why they started and continued to use it. The answer was relatively simple: “It is less harmful than traditional tobacco and helps you quit smoking.” Almost 50 percent said they use this device to try to unhook from the addiction of tobacco.

Most vaper manufacturers rely on this argument to add popularity to their product. Although countries such as the United States and Japan are among the main consumers of the vaper, in Europe most of the consuming countries are located, where it is always pointed out that the vaper is a less harmful alternative than the cigar.

In addition to this, users have also talked about how the vaper helps control anxiety, and given the high availability of flavors with which it can be used, it is a more entertaining alternative to traditional tobacco, they yield more, and therefore They are more economically profitable than a cigar.

At Area 516 Nightclub, we worry about our clients and not just them, but young adults all over the country. We understand that it is very easy to start using anything that is glamorized by society and do not mean to tell you what to do. There are consequences to anything we do in life, we get it. Just try to limit those choices that you might live to regret later on in life.

We have seen people stand outside of Area 516 Nightclub and vape away. Sometimes they come out every 10 minutes, even when it is freezing cold outside. One young man about 22, said that he just couldn’t help himself and could not stop. Imagine being locked into this habit for the rest of your life and some of the consequences that ultimately are inevitable. It just may not be worth it.

As with anything, you are free to do whatever you want as you have your own free will. Do your best to make the wisest choices. Your Uncle Louie and Area 516 Nightclub care about you and want you to live a long healthy life filled with great memories and clean lungs!

Enough of this serious stuff! If you are in the area, stop in on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night to Area 516 Nightclub in Hempstead, NY.

Check the website for any updates or changes. See you soon!

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