Dangers of Clubbing

area 516 night club
Now, why in the world would this be the first thing that I blog about you ask??? Well, it is just a reality that there are dangers all over the place and a nightclub is no different. At Area 516 Nightclub, we try to keep your environment as safe as possible but we do not want to infringe on your entertainment. Who wants to have a security person hawking them down all night while they are trying to have fun? So, it is like the old ‘Catch 22’ analogy. If we at Area 516 Nightclub just leave everyone alone and go crazy, some would be happy, that is true. However, others will take it as meaning a ‘free for all’ or ‘anything goes’, and that is not the environment that is good for anyone. When there is no accountability, people in general tend to do things they would not normally do. As for the actual dangers of clubbing; the obvious ones are the occasional dancing and bumping into someone walking by with a drink. AHHHH!!!!! It happened to me several times when I used to go clubbing and it is frustrating to say the least. You just spent $5.00, $7.00 $10.00!!! on a drink and some person just knocked half of it on the ground. What do you do? Think rationally. It was not like the person smacked it out of your hand. To be fair, they were dancing and in a tight environment and you were walking right behind them. Area 516 Nightclub has a nice amount of space, but any nightclub can get crowded. You always want to be extra careful when escorting your drink back to your area. Another thing you can do if it happened right by the bar and the bartender knows you just left there or happened to see what happened, is to see if they can give you another one. No matter what happens, keep your cool. It is not worth getting thrown out or banned from the club. The ‘Ex’ scenario. You go to Area 516 Nightclub and are having a great time, but then you see your ex girlfriend or boyfriend and they are dancing with your best friend! What’s a guy or girl to do? Same thing, what can you really do? You love coming to Area 516 Nightclub but now this is happening! First of all, the person is your EX for a reason. Second, they are not a piece of property. It didn’t work out so just move on. One of the biggest problems we all face in life is living in the past. Why? Does it really matter? It is just something we end up accepting after awhile. Let it go! There are over 7 billion people on this planet, so we all have many to choose from. You’re in Area 516 Nightclub and someone comes up and tries to dance with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Umm, you are in a club! What do you expect to happen? People know that it is mostly single people that go there looking to have a good time and possibly meet someone that they can hook up with, whatever that might mean to you. Mostly singles looking to mingle, as the old expression goes. You really can’t get mad if you go there with your partner and someone thinks that they are available or someone is drunk and flirts with them. However, once you let them know that you are together, then the person should respect and not to continue their efforts. If it becomes a problem, you can always walk over to security at Area 516 Nightclub and inform them of what is going on, before it becomes an issue. Drinking too much. You could ask the question; why would anybody want to be so intoxicated that they can’t even enjoy themselves or they get sick afterwards? At Area 516 Nightclub, we know and you know that this obviously just leads to problems.  You’re of age and you want to drink, go right ahead! Just know your limits. If you know you’re going to drink more than one or two, make sure you don’t drive! Call an Uber or have a designated driver. If you’re angry, don’t go to a club! Listen, we all go through stress and have problems. This is just a reality of living in this world. If you happen to have a really bad day or happen to be in a mood that is not the most pleasant to be around, then you might just want to stay home and catch Area 516 Nightclub on another night. At Area 516 Nightclub, we understand that you come out to have a good time and should not have to deal with any unnecessary dangers or nuances. We want you to be as safe as possible, while having  a great time. We can only do so much and need your help to make this one of the best nightclubs in Hempstead and even Long Island. Keep coming back to www.area516night.club for any future events or changes. We try to keep this website updated for your convenience. See you at the club!  

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