Adventures of Creepy Sal and Uncle Louie

The real Creepy Sal has been found! Yes, he has finally been exposed for the creep that he is. ‘Uncle Louie’ has decided to let us try to protect young girls that go to the clubs where this pervert hangs out.

Ok, let’s start with the creep. He recently posted some things about Uncle Louie in response to some possible confusion while we tried to warn girls about ‘Creepy Sal’, who at that point was technically a fictitious character. The posts are below and we interviewed our Dr ‘Uncle Louie’ Angel and are adding his responses below the real Creepy Sal’s comments.

Here are the posts and our beloved Uncle Louie’s responses:

First, I will say that I could really get creative and blast you from here all the way to Pakistan and back. However, I honestly have so much more important things to worry about. Launching our new website soon that is truly going to help college kids in many ways and not try to just get in their pants and sell them overpriced drinks, especially when they are underage.

Ok, let me try to hurry this up. Dr ‘Uncle Louie’ Angel. Only one in the world and is just a name. I believe in natural cures and can teach real M.D.’s some things. Just remember it. One day you will be able to say you were almost my friend.

5 months pregnant? About 4 months, but I always looked better than you. Every woman I ask, say you look like an alien or monkey or something not very flattering. You have a complex every since I went to 516 and never answered to you. I went there to check out YOUR OTHER BOSS and my nephew Frankie D. Another person you could never outshine, but that is another story altogether.

No one cares about your little fake Baby Range that you can’t afford. Joel told me all of the times that you begged him for money. However, you had a 30% commission as a promoter, but you couldn’t bring people in. That is not his fault. It’s yours. He also told me all of the things you said about me not promoting or bringing people in. The only ones that wanted to come in the end, were the girls that he would let you give free drinks to and make you feel like a man.

When I saw you last week AFTER I told you the week or 2 before to not talk to me anymore, why did you just look away? I was right there. That was the last night I promoted and had the sexy body contest. And yes, I heard about your comments regarding my event.

Joel had a Latin VIP party booked at the same time I had my people coming. After that night, what happened? Area 516 got shut down a few days later. I refuse to promote that club anymore and will not allow my people to do it either.

My nephew pulled out just after I did. What is left? YOU? No, you begged him to let you hang out with him at G’s on Thursdays. SURPRISE. Go back to robbing 516 and trying to see how far you can get.

You sent some texts that I didn’t read and that proves what? Why don’t you show the texts I sent you a few weeks prior? How about the texts that I still have, when I exposed you as a thief and liar regarding the events? I had people wanting to do events that came from my website and you tried to do it behind the real owner’s back. Instead, I embarrassed you after I found out that you are nothing but a slick politician.

It all makes sense when I think back to some things that I forgot about. About the texts, show all of them. I can. I also have texts showing you are a thief. Mike and Ferron in the VIP. Remember that? Just before I left, I made sure that they told Joel in front of you and it was funny seeing you try to lie but you got caught. Several times you put that money in your pocket and that doesn’t come from me. I think you turned white while stuttering trying to explain that you put the money in the register. Joel just shook his head.

Not only am I a creator, but I am lucky enough to have some people that work for me that will do whatever I want. And yes, I told you to your face that I allowed them to post your post when you lied that you were the owner. You deserved to be exposed. I can’t mention names but 2 deejays, some bartenders and myself, were listening to you one night about how you invested about $100,000.00 in the club and you were a part owner. Come to find out, you were in business with some other people from your country and you screwed them over. How do I know that? One of them told me that you just left them holding the bag. You lost your little Koyla or Hoyla hookah business and you begged Joel for a part of the club but you had no money. He felt sorry for you and allowed you to bring those old tv’s, ugly ass candles, and your logos. You brought some friends and painted the place but had no clue how to paint. You slept in the club with them and smoked hookah all night. It all makes sense when I used to ask him why all those ugly lanterns. I didn’t know they were yours. When I took over and pushed you aside about 2 months ago, I threw them out. Ok, let me not get ahead of myself .

Funny how you show an auto body shop that you do not own. Show the lease papers or the name of the place so one of my team members can research. Dude, you were begging Joel for money to go to Pakistan a few months ago. Yes, he also told me how you owe him like $1500.00 and was paying you for nothing. He knew that it was me, Frankie and the other promoters doing all the work.

I know you are not too bright, but do you know what SARCASM is? 

Chico you can stop sucking him off now. He doesn’t like you but believed all your lies in the beginning. You promised to pack out the club and what did you do? You ruined it in many ways and a lot of girls complained to me and others about you. He kept you around because he felt bad for you. ASK HIM IF THAT IS TRUE OR NOT. Ask him if he said that. Sorry, but I don’t suk other guys like you. I will clarify that below also.

I showed Joel what you were all about once I found out that you were talking about me and my team’s efforts. I funded and fund my projects, this website and many other businesses. Truth be told, ask Frankie what my main reason was in going there. I enjoy being creative and working online but something was missing. Being extroverted and back in contact with people. Seems you are truly the pathetic one. I never knew until months ago just how jealous you were and still are of me. Funny thing is that I have never been jealous of anyone. When someone does good, I am happy for them.

Most of us came from humble backgrounds. Embrace it and stop being ashamed. Most people know you have no money. It’s ok and nothing to be ashamed of. You are not happy but then leave your wife. What else can I tell you? You were allowed by Joel, the real owner, to live a fantasy and have your way with a lot of bartenders and college girls that were sadly taken advantage of by you. I had girls tell me that you grabbed their tits and then gave them free shots. Much more than that for some, but those told me personally. You also swore to me on your kids eyes. Remember that? That you never messed with those girls in the club. That was the last straw for me and when I never respected you anymore.

Ok, this one I could write a book on. Let me try to keep it short as you have wasted enough of my time already. I answered to no one when I was there. Even when Frankie hired the security team, I was technically above them and that killed you. Oh, btw, people talked to Joel and know that you were skimming money off the top. What a low-life. Just because you weren’t fulfilling your end of the bargain so Joel wasn’t paying you, you were stealing the employee’s money when he allowed you to hand it to them to make you feel important. You think no one found out? Why do you think the little Spanish lady would never take money from you?

Ummm….I got escorted out? You see, when you talk TRUTH, you have nothing to worry about. I send him an email telling him from A to Z how he does not know how to run the place, but in a kind of respectful manner. I bet no one has talked to him like that but as I said before, I’m not you.

I told the other mending manager that I won’t mention his name, that Joel offered me 12% and that he should at least get the same amount as well as Carlos. As for you, I told him to get rid of you because you have no appeal to the Latin community and offer no value. You were pushing people away from the club.

After I sent him the email, it was basically telling him that I wasn’t coming back. I told him I didn’t care. You wish I would have been escorted out. I went back there to help Frankie in the end. Not you or him. Mad that I’m not helping it anymore? I promoted it for free and did security in the end for free. Negotiated and he wanted everyone to work free. I don’t work free unless I like you and trying to help. Not for someone that treats people like immigrants. I’ll just stop there.

You like to suk other guys off. Sad, actually and also sad that I am not going to go through all of the texts and show proof, but if you push again, I will. I can share how you got caught lying, how I told you off and you stayed quiet. How Mike the tow truck guy knew you were a thief.

Oh, yes I used to pat people down with gloves and I worked my way up in order to get a fair agreement like you had with Joel, but I did it the right way. I spent a lot of money on ads, promos, paying people to create flyers (then I learned and had fun with it), I worked for free and even tried to keep the place clean.

Oh, Joel said you are a pig. We looked around the place and he told me you were lazy. He had to clean up the place. Long story short; after everything I learned about you, I started exposing you to Joel. That is another reason he took the key away from you, not just that we caught you sneaking that girl in at 4:00 a.m. when you thought we were all gone.

We were having a big boy meeting and you weren’t included. You were using the club as your personal hotel and got busted.

Damn, this is long. I have a life so was busy but wanted to get this stuff out there. 5:53 and still not done.

I wrote down some notes earlier so I wouldn’t forget things. Let me see what I wrote in case I missed something.

  • 1. Walked around like a boss. Frankie was the real boss, even though not the owner
    2. Never jumped in to help break up a fight. Always flexing but a scared punk.
    3. Betrayed his own people and left them in debt
    4. Couldn’t bring ppl to club. Only in the beginning like 2 times
    5. Gave bands to underage girls and had sex with some
    6. I kicked Sal out of the front area a few times because all he wanted was to be a big shot in front of girls and let them in free.
    7. He got caught banging a young girl in his wife’s car when Mike tow truck guy was going to tow the BMW his wife owns. She prob owns the Rover also..
    9. Joel never answered. Nor texts I sent that were to help his business with performers.
    11. Clubs cursed bcuz of both trying to bang girls n Joel being strict on employees and no customer service skills. Said didn’t look good when I posted pics w no people in the place. Was all I had to
    work with. Sal already cursed the place.
    12. I fully funded website, marketing. He did nothing but complain. Jealous of me.
    13. Sal told me to not post on other IG acct but I didn’t listen. I allowed my team to do marketing n sharing n expose him.
    14. Politician but couldn’t manipulate me.
    15. Pissed I took his stupid koyla shit off walls n everywhere.
    16. I through old ugly candle things away.
    17. Not my fault he keeps failing.
    18. Dont know why the jealousy. I don’t have it in me to be jealous. I’m happy when people succeed.
    19. I promote others even without pay.
    20. How many times u try to show off in front of friends in the club? Wealthy guys like Has….Che….and Sea…..
    I exposed him in front of them more than once telling them Joel was the only owner when they said Sal was. It all makes sense why you are a hater.

Sorry, but I just don’t respect liars with no integrity that would swear on their kids eyes and lie. Nothing but a real loser and creep.

One day, one of this girl’s fathers are going to find out what you did and you truly will see what it is like to have a true Italian man beat your ass for taking advantage of his daughter.

I want all of those girls to know who you are, the fake, manipulating asshole that you are and a few watered down drinks that are worth about a dollar each are not worth giving a slimy snake like you have the most prized possession that they can give.

Someone asked why do I care? Besides you deserved this and it is not everything….I forgot some things and am not going to spend more time trying to remember. I care because many of those girls are going through problems. Going out with you and being played is not going to help them at all.

If I can even help one girl to see the sleazy creep that you are, maybe she will spread the word.

****And there you have Uncle Louie’s side of the story. We hope you enjoyed the exposing of CREEPY SAL. Stay away!

If he wants to keep it going. Uncle Louie’s team will take over. Creepy Sal, leave those little girls alone. You look like some kind of creature and not even alcohol makes you look good. Get a life and stop preying on young little girls that just want to have fun.



VAPING: Popularity and consequences.

      In recent years the vape, a kind of electronic “cigar”, has gained a lot of popularity and its sales have skyrocketed worldwide, with a great demand for both the vape and the various flavors with which you can use it. The main problem with this is that younger and younger users are becoming addicted to it without full understanding the consequences.

It seems that we all have addictions. Which ones are worse than others? Some people say ‘Well, you have to die from something so let me die happy!’  Perhaps they are right. It is all subject to perspective/perception. It just might be wise to choose habits that will make you feel better and get healthier. Anytime you have a habit, good or bad, and you want to remove the habit, you need to find a different habit to take its place.

vaping and vapes at Area 516 Nightclub
Best Area 516 Nightclubs shares dangers of vaping

Many people that go to New York City nightclubs and Long Island nightclubs love to vape. Perhaps when they see other people doing it, it seems like the thing to do. Imagine going into a nightclub and seeing your friends vaping either inside the nightclub or outside. You don’t want to seem like the oddball if they offer you a puff, right? It can be hard, but not impossible to say no.

When you go out, you just want to have a great time, right? Of course! But, consider some things before you take those puffs.

Bringing it to this point of popularity is the widespread belief that steam is less harmful than cigarettes. Whenever you rely on information from the advertisers, you always have to keep your guards up and be careful what you believe. Clever marketers and manufactures are always trying to come up with ways to get you to buy their products. Many buyers rely on those advertisements that claim the safety.

While the World Health Organization (WHO) states that cigarette smoking has declined, e-cigarettes and the non-combustion tobacco industry is growing rapidly around the earth. A trend that is good for those in the business of vaping but the long term consequences of the users might be a concern.

The very popular consulting firm “Ernst & Young” conducted an international survey where they asked the users of the vape why they started and continued to use it. The answer was relatively simple: “It is less harmful than traditional tobacco and helps you quit smoking.” Almost 50 percent said they use this device to try to unhook from the addiction of tobacco.

Most vaper manufacturers rely on this argument to add popularity to their product. Although countries such as the United States and Japan are among the main consumers of the vaper, in Europe most of the consuming countries are located, where it is always pointed out that the vaper is a less harmful alternative than the cigar.

In addition to this, users have also talked about how the vaper helps control anxiety, and given the high availability of flavors with which it can be used, it is a more entertaining alternative to traditional tobacco, they yield more, and therefore They are more economically profitable than a cigar.

At Best Area 516 Nightclubs, we worry about our clients and not just them, but young adults all over the country. We understand that it is very easy to start using anything that is glamorized by society and do not mean to tell you what to do. There are consequences to anything we do in life, we get it. Just try to limit those choices that you might live to regret later on in life.

We have seen people stand outside of Best Area 516 Nightclubs and vape away. Sometimes they come out every 10 minutes, even when it is freezing cold outside. One young man Uncle Louie spoke to, about 22, said that he just couldn’t help himself and could not stop. Imagine being locked into this habit for the rest of your life and some of the consequences that ultimately are inevitable. It just may not be worth it.

As with anything, you are free to do whatever you want as you have your own free will. Do your best to make the wisest choices. Your Uncle Louie and Best Area 516 Nightclubs care about you and want you to live a long healthy life filled with great memories and clean lungs!

Enough of this serious stuff! If you are in the area, stop in on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night to Best Area 516 Nightclubs that we will be promoting in Hempstead, NY and other areas.

Check the website for any updates or changes. See you soon!

Can you protect yourself against date rape or being taken advantage of?

Best Area 516 Nightclubs and ‘Uncle Louie’ care about everyone that wants to come out to have a good time. We, at the local Best Area 516 Nightclubs, have a few questions and advice for some of our patrons. It is not meant to attack anyone or ruin anyone’s fun! We just want everyone to be in a safe environment and wake up the next day with no regrets!

First of all, at Best Area 516 Nightclubs, we do not condone underage drinking. At the nightclubs that we promote, patrons are checked at the door for their ID and are checked for weapons or anyone trying to bring in illegal contraband or alcohol. The security is top notch and care about your safety as well.

Now for the questions and our post:

Is it okay to have sex with someone you just met in a Long Island nightclub, that is so intoxicated that they don’t even fully know what they’re doing?


For that matter, even if you know the person for a long time and go out on a date with them and they get you so drunk that you don’t even know where you are and you pass out, is that justification for him to pull your clothes off and have sex with you?


Be careful when going to New York nightclubs
Nightclub date rape?


Sadly, this is many guys’ dream that goes to a nightclub. He wants to get ‘lucky’. This usually means finding a young woman that for whatever reason, wants to get drunk and becomes promiscuous. Nothing against you guys that visit Best Area 516 Nightclubs and we know that this is not every one of you, but we know that this happens. You also don’t want to get in trouble when the young lady says yes the night before and then in the morning has regrets or doesn’t remember what happened.


Many times, girls or women just want to go to a club and have a good time. Dance, laugh and of course, drink. Some just broke up with their partners and are vulnerable. The girlfriend say “come on, it will be fun!” Perhaps, it is a special birthday. For the most part, they are not looking for a one-night stand. Of course, there are exceptions to everything.


Many times, the friends will look out for their girlfriends and try to protect them from predators. However, sometimes they fall through the cracks. Guys will take advantage in wait for the girlfriend to go to the bathroom and the next thing that you know, the slick talking guy has the girlfriend in the car for a make out session. Sometimes it’s more than just kissing and bodily fluids are exchanged. Besides pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases do exist! Always use protection if you are going to have consensual sex.


Of course, this sounds all obvious, but sometimes we just do not think straight and are naïve to certain things. Boys and men are natural hunters for the most part. Plain and simple. Times are changing, yes, and there are some ladies that are just as aggressive as guys. Usually, when ladies go to a nightclub, they are not expecting to get date raped or have sex with someone the first chance they get.



  • Always stay with your girlfriends in close proximity.
  • Do not accept drinks from strangers.
  • Do not drink to the point where you’re intoxicated and are not in full control of yourself.
  • Keep your phone fully charged before you leave home.
  • Have a tracking device on your phone so that someone you trust can track you if needed.
  • Always keep your eyes on your drinks.
  • Don’t accept free rides from people you do not know.
  • If you are in the mood or willing to have sex with someone, bring protection!
  • Realized that guys are not there to make friends. For most of them, it’s all about the numbers and bragging rights.


Be safe when you go to any nightclub. There are always going to be predators, it is just the world that we live in and the way that guys are brought up, their biology or instincts. Whatever the case may be, you never want to wake up in a strange bed the next morning and have no clue what happened the night before.

Guys, we care about you also and don’t want to seem like we are attacking you or even accusing you. Just be safe also and if you notice one of your buddies is drunk and not himself, keep your eye out so he doesn’t make bad decisions. Best Area 516 Nightclubs cares about what happens in and out of the nightclubs that we promote.